Prepaid Funeral Plan Payment Options

Golden Charter offer a range of prepaid funeral plan payment options to meet your unique requirements, including:

Payment In Full

 A one-time payment providing immediate cover.

12 Monthly Payments

 Spread the cost with 12 monthly payments (interest-free) with direct debit.

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Low-Cost Funeral Plan Instalment Option

You can also spread payments over a more significant period to keep monthly repayments low. Payment terms available range from 2 to 30 years. You can pay this via monthly direct debit payments and the cost depends on how many years you would like to extend the payments across. You can opt for this payment option if you are under the age of 78 upon application and you will be completely covered when the payment term comes to an end.

Fixed Monthly Payments

Fixed monthly payments are also available. These can be paid by direct debit and the cost is dependent on your tailored plan and age upon application. As a lifetime payment plan, payments can be made until the date of your passing or until you reach 90. If you are an applicant between 50 and 80, this option is available to you and provides complete protection after two years of continual payments. Consider that while you can reduce monthly payments with this arrangement, you could end up spending more than the funeral plan cost in the long run.

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Third-Party Expenses

All Golden Charter’s funeral plans allow £1,000 for third party expenses that are not managed by Golden Charter. The allowance can cover expenses including cremation or burial fees, as well as officiant and minister costs. If you wish to arrange additional services, including catering, flowers, orders of service and newspaper notices, these can be included, for an extra cost.

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